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Call for Papers Volume 40, No. 2 The Applied Anthropologist

Saturday, August 15, 2020 2:40 PM | Anonymous

      Resistance and Response

The Applied Anthropologist is a peer-reviewed publication which has, over the last forty years, maintained a commitment to featuring the work that applied anthropologists, sociologists, educators, and other social scientists engage in our communities, to great effect. While this is always important, in light of current national and global events which are exposing pernicious structures of social and economic inequity, racialized violence, and a resurgence of nationalist rhetoric, it is important to remember that as applied social scientists, we carry the responsibility to bring our work out of the seasonal cycles of research, and instead to stand at all times in solidarity with issues of social justice, human rights, dignity, and equity. Natural disasters and pandemics have correlates as well because the burden of such catastrophes rests more heavily upon those already burdened by injustice.  Recognizing the historic times we find ourselves in, the call for vol. 40, no.2 of the journal is Resistance and Response. We are pleased to request full articles, briefs, and commentaries which are in alignment with the long tradition of bringing excluded voices to the table to address social, political, economic, and public health issues that impact communities locally and internationally.

Deadline for submissions is Thursday October 1st, 2020.

Please visit our in-depth style guide, and please feel free to contact our editorial team with any questions you have, as well as to submit manuscripts, at The editorial team and the entirety of the board of the High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology (which sponsors the journal) is proud to stand with the powerful voices demanding the simplest of dignities – to not be murdered, to not be terrorized, to not be unjustly imprisoned, to not have families separated, to not be placed in harm’s way to serve the privilege and profit of others. The efforts to normalize the use of such inhuman tactics by ours or any other country must be interrupted and resisted because history will see clearly the things that we thought it possible to ignore.

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