The High Plains Society
Applied Anthropology

The Applied Anthropologist

Volume 40, Number 2, 2020

Special Issue: Resistance and Response


by Peter Van Arsdale (pg. 3)


A Growing-old Sermon for Our Time

by Dave Stephenson (pg. 4)


De-Pioneering Higher Education and Land Acknowledgements

by Madison Dillard, et al (pg. 6)

Reimaging Sanctuary as Spaces of Resistance

by Teresa L. Ross Tellechea and Teresa Tellechea (pg. 11)

Native CDFIs and Continued Resilience: Short-Term Responses with Long-Term Impacts in Pandemic Times

by Alyssa Camp (pg. 16)

In the Wake of Two Storms: An Impact Assessment of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on the St. Croix and St. Thomas Fisheries, USVI

by Brent Stoffle, et al (pg. 23)


Monuments and Statues: The U.S. Conundrum with Systemic Racism

by Edith W. King (pg. 34)

The New York Outbreak of Measles in Hasidic Jewish Communities: Issues of Social Structure and Biomedical Autonomy

by David J. Rozen (pg. 37)

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