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Volume 27, Number 2, 2007

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Negotiating Development: Local Actors and Economic Change in Coastal Ecuador
Daniel Eric Bauer
No. 2, Vol. 27, 2007, pp 118 - 128

In recent decades, coastal communities throughout Latin America have adopted ecotourism as an economic response to declining fisheries production. Based on research conducted in southern Manabí province, Ecuador, this paper focuses on the development of an actor-centered ecotourism cooperative as a concrete example of an actor-centered development project to complement mainstream, state-sponsored development. It specifically highlights certain difficulties encountered by a community cooperative to change from fishing and diving to ecotourism.

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Collective Thinking Practices: Inferences from Case Studies of Decision-making Behavior
Michael P. Lillis and Raymond G. Hunt

No. 2, Vol. 27, 2007, pp 129 - 138

This paper presents a thinking-practices approach to studying organizational culture. To illustrate the idea, it reports on decision-making case studies in a United States manufacturing firm. The method is designed to systematically describe and compare decision-making patterns across organizational levels and within and between organizational work units. These patterns serve as a basis for inferences about the collective cognitive processes involved.

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Witnessing Practice: The Treatment of Childhood Illness in Upper Guinea, Western Africa
Andrew J. Gordon, P. Stanley Yoder, and Mamadou Camara
No. 2, Vol. 27, 2007, pp 139 - 154

If fieldworkers are able to witness ongoing actions of diagnosis and treatment for childhood illness, then we are able to observe practices and conditions that escape our notice. That is, were we just to rely on cognitive approaches or retrospective accounts or even rapid assessments, we would become selective about data collection despite the broad perspectives. As our analysis as well was guided by the work of Pierre Bourdieu (1977, 1990), we viewed treatment practices as the “habitus,” the flow of responses to conditions that present themselves. Some of the presenting conditions were seasonal poverty, the deference to elders and their beliefs, a meddlesome patrlineage, and the inclinations to rely on labels of being constitutionally ill and to rely on ritual cures. In this paper, an examination of conditions highlights how everyday conditions need to change if treatment practices are to change.

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Book Review Set: Tending the Wild: Native American Knowledge and the Management of California's Natural Resources by M. Kat Anderson

Introduced by: Lawrence F. Van Horn

Reviews by: 
Nancy J. Turner
David E. Ruppert

Counterpoint by: M. Kat Anderson

No. 2, Vol. 27, 2007, pp 155 - 171

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Book Review Set: Switchbacks: Art, Ownership, and Nuxalk National Identity by Jennifer Kramer

Reviews by: 

Darby C. Stapp
James J. Hester, Philip M. Hobler, and Inge Dahm
Yoshiko "Miko" Yamamoto

Counterpoint by: Jennifer Kramer

No. 2, Vol. 27, 2007, pp 172 - 183

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Book Review Set: Ethnographies of Archaeological Practice: Cultural Encounters, Material Transformations edited by Matt Edgeworth

Introduced by: Lawrence F. Van Horn

Reviews by: 
Thomas F. King
Darby C. Stapp

Counterpoint by: Matt Edgeworth

No. 2, Vol. 27, 2007, pp 184 - 195

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Book Review Set: Applied Anthropology: Domains of Application edited by Satish Kedia and John van Willigen

Reviews by: 
Emilia Gonzalez-Clements
Edward C. Knop
Peter W. Van Arsdale

Counterpoint by: Satish Kedia and John van Willigen

No. 2, Vol. 27, 2007, pp 196 - 206

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Commentary: In Memoriam: Robert Allan Hackenberg
Deward E. Walker, Jr.
No. 2, Vol. 27, 2007, pp 207 - 208

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Commentary: Applied and Practicing Anthropology: The fifth Sub-discipline at the University of Colorado at Boulder
Robert A. Hackenberg
No. 2, Vol. 27, 2007, pp 209 - 216

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Commentary: Applied Anthropologists and School Shootings: What Can We Do?
Kreg T. Ettenger
No. 2, Vol. 27, 2007, pp 217 - 218

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Commentary: A Generalist's Approach to Applied Anthropology: For 2006, The 14th Annual Omer Stewart Memorial Award
Lenora Bohren
No. 2, Vol. 27, 2007, pp 219 - 222

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