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Awareness, Action, Advocacy: Mobilizing a Paradigm, Tackling an Issue, Making a Difference The Omer C. Stewart Memorial Award of 2002

Peter W. Van Arsdale

One of the greatest joys of my career has been working with students. Therefore, it is appropriate that the paradigm I have been developing during the past decade has been inspired and improved upon by them. Anna Lisa Montecalvo and Austin Fitzpatrick are among those students at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of International Studies who have helped me wrestle with what I call the “AAA paradigm.” By critically assessing the concepts of awareness, action, and advocacy we are attempting to capture not only what it takes to be competent and compelling social scientists but what it takes to truly engage an issue. Stated differently, how can we substantively move from the knowledge associated with awareness, to the behavior associated with action, to the expertise and outreach associated with advocacy? In point, how do we galvanize others and make a difference? In counterpoint, as social scientists, should we be engaging in advocacy?

High Plains Applied Anthropologist No. 2, Vol. 22, Fall, 2002 pp 119 – 124

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