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Contemporary Society: Tribal Studies. Volume Five, Concept of Tribal Society Edited by Georg Pfeffer and Deepak Kumar Behera: Counterpoint

Georg Pfeffer and Deepak Kumar Behera

Reviews of a multi-comment format are helpful indeed, since a number of facets can be articulated beyond individual preferences and experiences. In our reply we can also mention some of our past intentions omitted in the book itself. The common experience of both editors was that Indian anthropologists had been able to gather comparatively poor information about so-called tribal peoples beyond the South Asian subcontinent and meager knowledge about Indian tribes anywhere outside of this country. We tried to assemble contributions by and for anthropologists all over the world and put them into print within the technical limitations both of an Indian publishing company and of the editors, neither of whom are native English speakers. With this background perhaps the multiple defects of the volume can be explained, and yet we are happy about the replies from several sides.

High Plains Applied Anthropologist No. 2, Vol. 23, Fall, 2003 pp 178 - 179

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