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Information Science in Tertiary Institutions: Excerpts from a Teaching Career

Brian Mhango

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology is inherently a multidisciplinary science. Sustainable viability of this discipline depends on a number of allied disciplines. A generic context of GIS technology is presented below (Fig. 1). An important aspect of sustainability for GIS teaching is the goodwill of governments and decision- makers supporting research in application of spatial information technology and its integration in society. Consequently, strategic keys to the future sustainability of geospatial information science education hinge on the benevolence of software developers and vendors. The need for this support is twofold: 1) availing educational institutions adequate access to technology by providing software and hardware at concessionary prices; and 2) provision of lifelong partnerships between educational institutions and technology providers.

High Plains Applied Anthropologist No. 1, Vol. 23, Spring, 2003 pp 94 – 95

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