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Howard F. Stein’s Introduction of Ed Knop, Recipient of the 2004 Omer C. Stewart Memorial Award

Howard F. Stein

It is a privilege and a pleasure to be invited to participate in the ceremony that honors Ed Knop with the 2004 Omer Steward Memorial Award. Ed Knop has been a devoted, energetic, and fruitful applied sociologist for four decades, and a dedicated member of HPSfAA for more than two decades. He has pioneered in the development of truly interdisciplinary – not merely multidisciplinary – teams in the solution of rural problems ranging widely geographically from Egypt to Indonesia to his beloved Colorado and the North American Southwest. His work is characteristically “empirically-oriented and focused on strategies and tactics for goal-realization” (Knop 2004b). With the HPSfAA he has served as editor of our journal (1984-1987), as a member of the Executive Committee, and as a Member-at-Large.

High Plains Applied Anthropologist No. 2, Vol 24, Fall, 2004 pp 103 – 104

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