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Colorado's Charter School Policy: Exploring the "Domain of Application"

Brigitte Boettiger

This paper recognizes the need for applied anthropology to become more involved in school reform. A first step is taken in this direction by exploring the "domain of application" concerning Colorado's charter school policy (Van Willigan 1993). The players, networks and relationships, the issues, points of contention, and areas for further research are identified. The study utilizes two field sites, the legislatively sponsored Charter School Commission Meetings and the school-oriented Colorado League of Charter Schools Conference, as well as a guest opinion provided by William T. Randall, Colorado's Commissioner of Education. The issues presented in this study are viewed from the perspective of various stakeholders at state, district, and school levels. Issues include school reform, charter school processes, finance, teacher employment, at-risk students, and accountability.

High Plains Applied Anthropologist No. 2, Vol. 17, Fall, 1997 pp 145 – 160

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