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Cultural Encounters of the Controversial Kind

Heath A. Fire

This text will look at the controversy surrounding Devils Tower National Monument. The three sides of the controversy will be addressed independently. First, Native American rights to worship at the Tower, free from such acts as rock climbing that inhibit their cultural rituals, will be examined in its full perspective. Also, The Name of the Tower will be discussed from this point of view, including efforts made to change it. Second, the National Park Service’s attempts to compromise on the myriad of issues surrounding this monument will be surveyed, as well as a synapsis of the public responses that ensued . Finally, an overview will be produced dealing with the Non-Native American reactions to some of the elements brought up in the greater body of the text. A resolution to these issues will be proposed as a final conclusion to the text.

High Plains Applied Anthropologist No. 1, Vol. 19, Spring, 1999 pp 34 – 46

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